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Do you have a sore neck, a stiff lower back or just need a break from a hectic schedule?

Come in and let our experienced staff give you the best massage you have ever received. You will walk out feeling relaxed and refreshed. Treat yourself or someone you love today!

Body Tonic
Service Description Fee

Swedish Massage

Long flowing and firm kneading strokes revitalize tired, sore muscles. This massage promotes relaxation and stress reduction and increases circulation. Swedish is the most widely known type of massage.

30 Minutes $45.00
60 Minutes $75.00
90 Minutes $112.00

Deep Tissue

Utilizes slow strokes and deep finger pressure applied to specific areas to address chronic tension and pain. Improves posture and freedom of movement. Decreases muscle spasming and detrimental holding patterns. Incorporates neuromuscular therapy, connective tissue and sports massage.

30 Minutes $45.00
60 Minutes $75.00
90 Minutes $112.00

Pregnancy massage

Therapeutic and relaxation prenatal massage accommodating all trimesters. We have specialty pillows props and equipment to insure comfort even while lying face-down during your massage.

We can also provide massage during labor and delivery and the process of post-natal recovery.

We offer referrals for birth and parenthood related inquiries including local educators in the maternity field, midwife and lactation consultant services and birth / family photographers.

60 Minutes $75.00

Face and Ear Reflexology

Using fingers and thumbs to manipulate Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian points on the face and ears as well as on the Vietnamese reflexology face map promotes improved equilibrium balance and balance of the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Deeply relaxing it reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

45 Minutes $70.00

Foot Reflexology

Using fingers and thumbs to manipulate specific points on the feet improves circulation, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and more.

60 Minutes $70.00


A Japanese form of energy work the client remains fully clothed while the practitioner gently places her hands on specific areas of the body in order to increase and balance the client's energy flow. Deeply relaxing and nurturing Reiki works on a very subtle level to improve the client's energetic balance and sense of well being.

45 - 60 Minutes $70.00

Reflexology and Reiki sessions can be combined in a 90 minute session for $100.

Chair Massage

This massage is performed on an ergonomically designed chair. The client is fully clothed and no oils are used. A specially designed routine focuses on the head, neck and muscles of the upper body to provide relief from mental and physical stress.

This is a great massage for the workplace. Many employers provide it to their employees as a perk.

Prices vary depending on location


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